Easi Access Kit Ramps

The flexibility of these ramp systems enables it to be used in situations and locations where other portable equipment may not be suitable. We have had customers use the ramp kits for small thresholds within their kitchen or bathrooms, removing trip hazards or making it more wheelchair friendly. The ramp is made for both indoor and outdoor use, making it perfect for garages and clearance over kerbs and driveways. Being fully modular, it is also possible to re-use and re-configure all components within a kit.

Kits are available in a range of sizes.

Product Details

  • Available in both kit and component form and can be used to create ramps in many shapes and sizes
  • Threshold ramps can arrive either in simple parts, preassembled, or already complete. Assembling and installing these ramps can take a matter of minutes
  • The ramps are self-draining and have been tested to have a low slip potential, and with Sure Grip tiles they can be used externally for extra slip resistance.
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