Tilt in Space Seating Solutions for Northern Ireland, Ireland & Scotland

Posted On: 8 February 2022

Top suppliers for NHS, Councils, HSE and Nursing Homes & Private Customers – custom builds available with Evolution Healthcare.

Evolution Healthcare are top suppliers for a wide range of Tilt in Space seating solutions for NSH, Councils, HSE Nursing Homes & Private Customers with a huge range of custom builds also available. Our experienced team are professional in their method of demonstrating products, key features and identifying the right product for you, your family member or your client. With Evolution Healthcare, you also have the option to create a custom chair, whether that is for height, width or support, Evolution Healthcare are the right team to help.

Evolution Healthcare have been supplying the NHS, council HSE and Nursing Homes & Private Customers for years and are experts in making the experience feel seamless for all involved, whether that be a family member, and Occupational Therapist, a Nursing Home manager.

Would you like more information on the Tilt in space chairs available at Evolution Healthcare? Or information on the entire Postural Seating range?

Please feel free to get in touch with our team today:
028 8772 7855     |   sales@evolutionhealthcare.co.uk 

In the last 12 months, our professional and experienced team have adapted to the Covid-19 regulations and are now able to offer high quality, informative virtual demonstrations using high tech software. We know investing in the right product is so important and finding the right product and right company to supply it is as important, that’s why Evolution Healthcare offer the virtual demonstrations – to allow you to see the products, the features and to ask any questions before investing.

If this is something that interests you, send our highly skilled team an email and we can organise this at a time that suits you