Updated building regulations for Changing Places NI

Posted On: 16 March 2022

Updates announced this week by the Department of Finance Minister Conor Murphy, outline a new change in building regulations, which will require Changing Places toilets & facilities to be installed in new public buildings in Northern Ireland.

Changing places facilities now must be provided in certain buildings commonly used by the public, and this will benefit around 7.000 people across Northern Ireland. This provision promotes inclusion and will have a positive impact to those who require these facilities.

“Changing Places toilet facilities meet the needs of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, as well as people with other physical disabilities, such as spinal injuries, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis. They are larger toilets to accommodate wheelchair users and often include disability equipment like hoists and changing benches to meet the needs of disabled people, along with their carers.

This new requirement for Changing Places toilets will be in addition to the current requirements for standard accessible toilets and will benefit around 7,000 people in Northern Ireland.”

““This change to our Building Regulations will not only bring increased safe, dignified and convenient toileting opportunities for disabled people and many older people too, but it will also bring new opportunities for inclusion and participation right across society.”


Evolution Healthcare have completed numerous Changing Places facilities projects, supplying and installing changing places equipment including changing benches, hoists and privacy screens, and we look forward to assisting many more in the future, following the announcement of these new guidelines.